Why You Should Go For Abroad Study In Canada? A Quick Guide

Study In Canada


Ranking as the no. 1 best country for quality life, Canada has become an ultimate destination for international students to pursue their higher studies. But is it worth it to study in Canada from Nepal? Well, here we have come up with 6 convincing reasons why you should choose Canada while planning to study abroad. Stay tuned.

1.  High-Quality Education

The most important factor students should consider while choosing a country to study abroad is the quality of education a country is offering. Canada, which is considered to be the educational hub, provides the best quality education to its international students. 26 universities of Canada rank in the QS World University Rankings 2019.

Not even this but 27 Canadian universities, including the University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, University of Montreal and McMaster University, rank in the World University Rankings 2019.

2.  Internationally Recognized Degrees

A degree from a Canadian university is internationally recognized, no matter if it’s a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or diploma. Canadian degrees act as a mark of trust and excellence all around the world and opens doors for multiple careers opportunities for the students.

3.  Affordable Fees

Canada is one of the very few countries that provides quality education at comparatively low tuition fees. Tuition fees in Canada are fairly cheaper than in the United States and the United Kingdom. Study in Canada cost you anywhere from C$ 25,000 to C$ 35,000 on average which is far less than what other countries charge.

Country Average Tuition Fees and Living Expenses
Canada $29,947
United Kingdom $35,045
United States $36,564
Australia $42,093

4.  Scholarship Opportunities

The Canadian government, public and private organizations and universities in Canada offer scholarships to study in Canada to its deserving international students to help in funding their studies. You can apply for both full scholarship and partial scholarship to cut down your educational expenses.

5.  Job Opportunities

One few nations in the world offer job opportunities to international students after their graduation. Canada is one of them. One with a Canadian degree can apply for a work permit and work for up to 3 years in the country. Nevertheless, students who are still studying in Canada can also do part-time jobs in the country and earn an immense amount of money.

 The most common part-time jobs popular among Nepalese students in Canada are:

Rideshare Drivers: $30 to $50 per hour

Translation Jobs: $15 to $40 per hour

Writers: $30 to $70 per hour

Waiters: $15 to $25 per hour

6.  Immigration Opportunities

When you study abroad you get a temporary visa that usually expires when you complete your program and you have to return to your home country. But that is not the case in Canada. There are a lot of immigration opportunities in Canada.

Canada offers a Post-Graduation Work Permit to its international students to work in the country even after their graduation. After working for three years, one can apply for the citizenship of Canada to be its permanent resident.

With the quality education, internationally recognized degrees, cost-effective studies, highly-paid jobs and immigration opportunities, Canada thereby has become the most favored choice among Nepalese students to pursue their further studies.

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