What is the Replacing time for tyres

the Replacing time for tyres


It is suggested by the professionals that you must change the winter tyres with tread depth below 4 mm and summer tyres with tread depth below 3 mm. This is because the performance and safety characteristics are not optimal after this level.

As soon as the depth of the tread of Tyres goes below 1.6 mm, you must get the tyre replaced. The legal limit is 1.6mm or above.

You must get aware of your tyre’s age by observing the markings on the tyre’s sidewall.

Tyres with age more than ten years should be replaced with new tyres immediately. The spare tyres are also included in such a rule.

A common question regarding the tyres flickers in the mind of many car owners or drivers. The problem is about how long the car tyres will last before they require any replacement.

Various factors like frequency of car use, driving style, regional climate, tyre tread design, and road conditions determine the answer.

The owner is another factor. As an owner of your car, you play a vital role in the maintenance and care of your car and its tyres. You must look after them properly so that they can last long.

Elongate your Tyre’s life with proper care

Proper care and maintenance of your tyres will make it move thousands of miles with high-quality service. You must increase your tyres’ longevity by avoiding activities that wouldn’t hamper the tyres’ function and efficiency.

During your daily use, you make your tyres get exposed to various harsh conditions like high load, inflation pressure, road hazard damage, speed, and so on. These factors also determine the service life. Apart from these factors, storage and rotation of your tyres also determine the service life. It is almost impossible to ascertain the lasting period of a car tyre as the service conditions differ from tyre to tyre, vehicle to vehicle and driver to driver.

However, adequate maintenance can increase your car tyres’ durability if you get a bit proactive in this matter.

You must consider these factors to prevent replacing the tyres prematurely:

  • Regularly tyre pressure checks
  • Checking tyres for visible wearing or damage
  • Checking tread wear: Although the legal limit is 1.6 mm or above, 3 mm at minimum is best for traction and grip
  • Maintaining axle alignment and proper wheel
  • You must focus on your driving style every time
  • Based on tread pattern, you must rotate between the right and front tyres, rear and left and same for the other sides

Number of lasting years for a tyre

Although there is no specific technical data regarding the removal of tyres after a certain age, you must remember that tyres and other parts of your car, are affected by their age majorly.

Thus, it is recommended by many auto experts that the tyres must be replaced with new tyres online after being used for ten years, at least.

You must follow the above tips even though:

The tread depth of the tyre has not come below the minimum legal limit.

The tyres appear usable and seem to be in good condition as suggested by their external look

Even after the use of ten years, your tyres may seem to be riding fine. But, you must still go for a tyre replacement as you know that age matters. You must not trust the visual appearance for determining tyre deterioration signs like cracking or another wearing with time. Although the tyres are still working correctly and looks fine but, their age calls for a replacement.


Different manufacturers recommend various ages for replacing the car tyres hull. But, you must know that it is purely according to their understanding, which differs for vehicles. Thus, you must not blindly go for that. Instead you must understand your car and follow the instructions accordingly.

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