Look Out For Corporate Spies, Secret Screen Recorder Is Watching

Look Out For Corporate Spies


Last night in the bar, we all buddies were discussing the recent famous viral incident of the lady employee. She just got a fine and was released because of a lack of evidence. Her video of destroying an official gadget got viral but the fine was the mere compensation for that. According to the inside story, she was a spy and got caught red-handed while taking photos of confidential information. She got rid of the evidence and tool at the spot and all that left was an embarrassment and humiliation for the respective company.We were discussing the possible solution and how one should deal if he or she gets into the same kind of situation. As a business entrepreneur, we all are scared and anxious honestly. So one of us pointed out the use of monitoring software for the employees. As he explained the whole thing along with the offered feature details we all were amazed by the technology.

Well, you can take how serious it was,as I have already got the employee monitoring product and am here to share this marvelous invention with all of you guys. The technology is called the OgyMogy spy app and is an extraordinary secret screen recorder. You can keep an eye on the official gadgets by using the OgyMogy spy app to check every suspicious activity of the employees whether it is online or offline.

Basic Working of Screen Recording Feature:

One of the best features offered by the spy app is letting the user watch the screen of the target person. Users can watch the screen of the employees in real-time to check out the activities. So make quick surprise visits to any suspicious employee screen and know what are they up to in real-time. It is a helpful feature to check the individual performance of any employee on the assigned task. Moreover, you can track any bad apple or any kind of unfair distribution of work at any department. If you are a busy boss and have no time for live monitoring,don’t worry. It has an alternative option for all of you.It records the screen activities in the form of short recordings and snapshots. The whole recording thing saves the complete timestamp information as well. So any kind of evil act will be recorded with proper time information and the evidence will be saved for the user.

Your Gateway To Monitor Media Sharing :

With the frequent use of an instant messaging app for official and unofficial purposes in the workplace chance of illegal sharing of media content has become increased upto manifold.  Any kind of media files whether it is an image or video or any form of documentation can be shared through Whats App, Viber, Line, or Skype. With the secret screen recording feature of the OgyMogy, any form of illegal sharing will be flagged out right away for the user. Not only that the evidence will be stored safe and sound for further investigation. Even if the target employee gets rid of the possible proof from the gadget will have it anyway.

Know About All The Encrypted Data:

Users can know about all the password-protected data remotely in the easiest way possible. By using the screen recording feature all the account id and password and other keystrokes will be recorded for the user.  Thus no encryption or protection can stop the employer to monitor the official gadget and know about the stored media.

Easy Access Of All The Recordings From WebPortal:

It saves all the screen activity recordings on the web portal. User can access the web portal whenever he or she wants and check the recordings. Not only this you can even download any suspicious activity recording file from the webportal as well.

It offers versatile features for parents to monitor teenagers and employers to keep a strict eye on the employee. The secret screen recorder is a useful feature for both parents and employees that let the user know about every screen activity of the target person. Check out the Mac and Windows spy app version for laptop and tablet monitoring and a separate android spy app version of monitoring software for keeping an eye on the smartphones.

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