Top 5 Paintings for Gifting

Paintings for Gifting


The festive season is around the corner and the gift exchange ceremony is really exciting. When it comes to finding a gift for your special ones, you get puzzled by tons of options in the market. You may find a perfect gift for women and girls owing to the availability of a range of gift items but shopping for a gift for men can be tedious. However, we have got you covered with an amazing gift item for every person in your life irrespective of gender- we’re talking about PAINTINGS.

Paintings are one of the best unisex gift items owing to their versatility. Both men and women love to have a nicely decorated home and paintings are a great addition to any space. There are multiple types of paintings that make ideal gifting options for all. This post elaborates on some of the most liked paintings for gifting.

1. Pichwai Paintings

If you’re not already familiar with Pichwai Paintings, here is a quick introduction. Pichwai is a type of painting that came into existence more than 400 years ago in Rajasthan, India. Initially, these paintings were religious ones and were mostly used in temples and Hindu spiritual places. They used to depict the picture of Lord Krishna on a piece of starched cotton cloth. However, at present Pichwai paintings come in a lot of different styles and designs. You can gift a Pichwai painting to any of your near and dear ones and surely they’ll like it for its beauty, intricacy, and lively colors.

2. Abstract Paintings

Abstract paintings are just the right gifting options for any occasion. These paintings are available in thousands of patterns, color combinations, designs, and styles. All you need to have a great choice to pick from a pool of abstract artworks. No matter the design of your closed one’s home interior, the abstract painting will highlight their home more in a glimpse.

The reason why abstract paintings are so versatile is that they symbolize movement, liveliness, and energy. In short, they are the artistic depiction of a radical idea. As you already know about the recipient’s personality, you can accordingly choose from sober to bold abstract paintings for gifting.

3. Floral Paintings

Be it male or female, flowers tend to attract everyone to their exclusive beauty and fragrance. This is why floral painting make the best choice for gifting on different occasions around the year. The floral paintings instantly catches the viewers’ attention in the interior. These paintings can be styled in any space- bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hall, or even entryways. The recipient would feel obliged to receive such a pretty home décor gift item as a gift from you. Floral artwork will instantly add life to any boring interior décor in no time. So, get one for your friends or family to surprise them on this festive season!

4. Indian Miniature Paintings

As the name says Miniature Paintings, this kind of artwork is done on a small canvas like palm leaves, wood, cloth, marble, and even ivory panels. Natural minerals and elements are used to create stunning colors and brushes for this painting.

Generally, it depicts the life of ancient people. However, these days you can find them in different designs such as tribal art, animal faces, flowers, trees, etc. You have so many options in the range of Indian Miniature Paintings. Your miniature painting gift would be an exclusive addition to the home décor of the recipient.

5. Nature Paintings

If you’re looking for a last-minute gifting option for your family or friends, get your hands-on nature paintings. These paintings are simply perfect for anyone, any space, and any occasion. Thanks to the creative representation of environmental elements such as marine life, mountains, trees, rivers, and much more.

The landscape painting will take away the heart of the recipient owing to its beauty. This gift is so practical that he/she can hang it on the walls of living room, bedroom, kitchen, or kid’s room. No one can even imagine that you’ve picked up this gift at the last minute!

Final Verdict

You can get the paintings as per the recipient’s personality and choices to make them feel special at events. With a painting as a gift, you can never go wrong as they are indeed very attractive and practical for everyone.

We would like to hear from you- which painting would you pick as a gift for your friends, family, and colleagues.

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