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Here’s Why a Coir Mattress is Essential for Good Sleep


True to its name, the coir mattress is manufactured with natural fibre. Though the primary material of these mattresses is natural coir, it is not entirely made up of just coir, it is layered with polyurethane foam, and at the top, it is stitched with cotton or any other fabric.

Coir mattresses are commonly known for their temperature-friendly feature and keep your body cool and dry during the summers. Additionally, these mattresses are resistant to allergens and are hygroscopic, meaning they efficiently absorb body moisture during hot and humid weather.

Now that we’ve had a fair idea about the basic features of coir mattresses let’s dive into further understanding why they are essential for good sleep.

1. Offer Perfect Ventilation

Getting a restful good night’s sleep during hot and humid days might be challenging. You might keep tossing throughout the night and wake up restless the next morning. However, coir mattresses help you experience undisturbed sleep in all seasons as they offer excellent airflow and are well ventilated. Moreover, besides maintaining a cool temperature for the sleeper, coir mattresses offer a sense of comfort and calmness naturally, which is important for quality sleep.

2. Offer Added Support

Coir is the primary and key raw material that is used in manufacturing coir mattresses, offering strength and firmness to the mattress. Moreover, a hidden fact about coir mattresses is that they have natural bounce and springiness, which offers additional support to your entire body, allows your spine’s natural alignment and a perfect position to sleep. Ideally, coir mattresses prove to be a good mattress option for everyone and are also helpful for people suffering from back ache.

3. Resistant to Skin Allergies

It is not uncommon that people tend to develop skin allergies because of their dusty and unclean beddings and pillows. This is why it is important to keep your beddings clean and change them on a regular basis. However, maintaining cleanliness on your bed is more than just changing bedsheets and pillow covers. Your mattress matters, too, as it is vulnerable to allergens that consider your mattress the breeding ground. Your mattress is also prone to get infected by dust mites and bed bugs, leading to skin infections, and other health complications. Therefore, keeping away the allergens and securing your mattress is important.

The coir mattresses are dust-resistant up to an extent and keep the dust mites at bay, helping you avoid allergies and stay healthy and refreshed.

4. Hygroscopic in Nature

Most people sweat through the nights. And, if you release too much moisture, it might hamper your sleep and make you feel restless. Considering this, a wide range of mattresses are available with moisture absorption quality, such as coir mattresses.

Coir mattresses are known for their hygroscopic capabilities. As coir is procured from the coconut husk and is naturally hygroscopic, these mattresses are capable of absorbing moisture from one’s body during sleep. Thus, they help you experience a refreshing and restful sleep, leaving you energetic and fresh in the morning.

5. Durable

As coir mattresses are manufactured with natural coir, they improve durability and longevity up by a notch. Once you invest in a good quality coir mattress, you can rest assured for a couple of years about your mattress. However, the only thing you should take care of is keeping your coir mattress away from water to avoid sagging.

6. Environment-friendly

 With the accelerating global warming, it’s everyone’s responsibility to use environment-friendly products. Even a small initiative or effort can make a huge difference. One such environment-friendly mattress option is the coir mattress. They are manufactured with 100% coconut husk or natural fibre and are essentially good for the well-being and health of the sleeper.

The above-mentioned benefits are just a few of the many benefits of coir mattresses. Besides weighing all the pros and cons of coir mattresses, it is essential to choose the mattress brand carefully and preferably go for renowned brands like Duroflex. They offer a long term warranty along with easy payment options like no-cost EMI. To know more about their products and services, head to their website today!

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