Bruce Weber- Embracing a Career as a Fashion Photographer

Embracing a Career as a Fashion Photographer


Fashion photographers travel to many places to capture pictures of models and clothes for their clients. The career is super exciting and pays you well too. To begin your career in fashion photography, you should have some technical knowledge. You do not need a degree in the subject. However, it does pay off to enroll in a photography class to learn the basics of the trade if you wish to pursue it seriously.

Bruce Weber- essential tips for newcomers 

Bruce Weber is a famous fashion photographer from America well-known for his iconic images shot in the 1980s of the male body. He was born in Greensburg, P.A, on the 29th of March 1946and completed his studies from the New York University before he commenced his career in commercial photography. He presently lives and works in Miami.

He has worked on famed fashion campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Versace. He is also an acclaimed filmmaker, and his movies include Let’s Get Lost (1988), a documentary based on the troubled life of Chet Baker, the famous jazz trumpeter.

According to him, fashion photography is a highly creative job involving no tedious desk work. It would help if you worked with fashion designers and houses to market their clothes effectively to the public. Your photographs create an intensely visual story that will spark interest in new trends and styles. You can either be self-employed or do freelance work as a fashion photographer. You will also find several opportunities to work with clothing retailers and fashion magazines.

Develop your skills 

Being a fashion photographer goes much beyond taking photographs of models and their clothes. It is here that you must pay attention to artistic qualities and details. You need to capture the mood of the model wearing the clothes, and this means you should be innovative and creative at the same time.

Technical skills for aspiring photographers

As an aspiring fashion photographer, you should also have the technical skills needed for the job. It would help if you were adept with both the modern and the digital methods of photo-editing that sometimes becomes the need of the hour to enhance the photos you capture. Those professionals with computer skills can deploy digital photography technology to edit their work with special effects. This helps them create unique images that one can remember for a long time.

According to Bruce Weber, one should be focused and have good organizational skills in the field. You should have the ability to stay organized all the time as this helps you establish a reputation in the market with success.

Like most industries, fashion photography is a highly competitive field, and this is why you should be educated about the latest developments and technologies that affect the fashion world. Be prepared to self-learn and be aware of the fashion industry news and updates. You should be patient and be an excellent communicator to establish long-lasting bonds with other industry professionals that go a long way in building your career!

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