5 Things to Never Say to an Insurance Company After an Accident

an Accident


After being involved in an accident, one of the important steps you have to take is to contact the insurance company. Unfortunately, filing a claim and getting compensation is not a short process done in a week. Besides that, some insurance companies can be unfriendly or try to take advantage of your weakness at that moment of shock. Most people are advised to take time and recover from their injuries and shock before reaching out to the insurance company. And when you do, here is a list of things you should never say to them.

“I Feel Fine”

Never give any statement that will indicate you are not injured. Immediately after an accident, most people are usually in shock, which can prevent them from feeling all the injuries they have. While some injuries like cuts and burns are easy to spot, back and neck injuries may not be that apparent till way later. Do not say anything regarding your health to the insurance company until you have been examined by a doctor. Most people tend to say they are fine because it is a nice response. However, that statement can be used against you when filing a claim. Instead, get yourself checked. And if the doctor clears you of injuries, you can proceed to talk to the insurance company.

“I’m at Fault”

Never admit that you are at fault after an accident. The duty of claim adjusters is to investigate for the insurance company and record anything you say. If you claim you are at fault, you may be signing away your rights. Let them investigate the accident and establish fault, then proceed from there. You might be admitting you are at fault, yet the other driver might also have contributed to the accident.

“I Do Not Have a Lawyer”

Most insurers will try to take advantage of people who do not have attorneys. They might try to rush you into accepting an unreasonable claim. If you do not have an attorney, never mention it. Instead, find one. Having a car accident attorney comes in handy as the insurers are likely to treat your claim with some respect. The lawyer will walk you through what to say to the insurance company and assist you in filing a claim. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. That means you only pay after getting compensated.

“I Can Give a Statement”

Your insurance company is going to ask whether you can give them an official statement regarding the accident. While it may come out as harmless, you are under no legal obligation to do this. Plus, if you say something wrong, it could hurt your case and the chances of getting fully compensated for all the damage caused. First, speak to your personal injury attorney, then talk to the insurance company. Your lawyer will advise you on what to say and what to avoid mentioning.

“I Only Need This Much Money”

After the accident, the insurance company will offer you a certain amount of money as a settlement. Never accept that initial settlement. Most of the time, they offer a low compensation that is favorable to them. You need an attorney first to review your case, analyze the losses you have gone through, then give you the right figure. Accidents tend to leave a lot of expenses behind from medical bills, damaged property, emotional damage, and lost wages. An experienced legal team knows how to calculate these losses and ensure you get what you deserve.

Most people never know what to say or how to act after an accident, especially if it is the first one. This has led to mistakes affecting one’s settlement amount. If you are ever involved in a car accident, avoid saying the above statements as they could affect your case.

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