Wrong name on the Delta airline flight ticket. How can we change it?

Delta airline flight


Do you love travelling by air? Have you ever faced challenges due to the wrong name on the ticket? If yes, cancellation and rebooking may be the first thought in your mind. However, if you are a passenger of Delta Airlines and ever face such an issue, you can take advantage of Delta Airlines Name Change policy. This policy is a quick solution to fix a wrong name on the flight ticket.

So, what does the Delta ticket name change policy entail? For complete details, you should read the full article.

Important Things About Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy 

Customers are only allowed to modify up to 3 characters in the name under this provision. Misspellings on the air ticket can be quickly fixed by submitting an online or offline request. A customer may use this policy just once. Additionally, it is only applicable to fully or partially used tickets. For surname changes after a wedding, adoption, or divorce, you are required to submit legal agreements and certificates for successful Delta Airlines name change on ticket.

Cost of Delta Ticket Name Changes

To save your money, make sure you apply for a name change under the Delta Airlines Name Change policy within 24 hours of booking. Once this period of 24 hours gets over, you will need to pay $200 as a fee.

The procedure for Correcting the Wrong Name on the Delta Airline Ticket 

Changing/correcting name mistakes on Delta airline tickets is a matter of minutes. You do it either online or offline. Both procedures are quick and hassle-free.

For offline methods, you should call customer service and ask the representative to make the necessary changes. Alternatively, you can visit the airport kiosk and they help from the airport agents for the same. Offline methods are great for major name changes like last name changes due to marriage, divorce, or adoption.

Now, if you have to make just minor changes under the Delta Airlines name correction policy, you can do them online. Visit the official website and log in to your customer account.  Now, go to the option “Manage my travel” and enter submit the ticket holder’s last name and the ticket number. After clicking the “Next” button, you will be redirected to the bookings page. Here select the particular booking that needs changes and hit “Edit.” Now, make all the necessary changes and hit “Confirm.” Now, wait for the final confirmation email from Delta Airlines.

This is how your wrong name on the Delta Airline flight ticket can be changed. Hopefully, this concise guide to the Delta Airlines Name Change Policy is helpful to you.

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