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V Reddy Kancharla – An Overview of Hobbies People Above 50 Years Can Take Up

V Reddy Kancharla


People on the verge of attaining the age of 50 suddenly find they have ample time in their hands. Some choose to retire and look for a lucrative part-time job instead of staying at home. However, most of them prefer to take up an exciting hobby. A hobby is any leisure activity that they voluntarily pursue whenever they are free from the demands of discharging their responsibilities. This helps them to remain physically active, friendly and overcome loneliness.

V Reddy Kancharla is a well-known civil engineer from New Jersey and New York City’s Metropolitan Area. He has over 25 years of valuable experience in geotechnical consultancy, construction quality control, and civil construction. However, he has a wealth of industry-based knowledge and expertise in other critical areas. These include troubleshooting, scrutinizing structural failures, rectifying construction discrepancies, devising remedial designs, scheduling construction projects, and executing ISO quality standards. He is even responsible for constructing some of New York City’s prominent landmarks. These include the Goldman Sachs High-Rise Building, Yankee Stadium, the USTA National Tennis Center, and new terminals of JFK Airport.

In his opinion, people over 50 years should seriously consider pursuing a hobby. This leisure activity helps to remain them busy, keep stress at bay, and boosts the production of endorphins in their bodies. In the process, they learn something new to keep their brain active. According to their interest, they can take up:

  • Sports

Pursuing sports like walking, soccer, golf, swimming, or squash enables them to remain physically active regardless of their present fitness level. In the process, they become less susceptible to age-related chronic lifestyle health risks like cardiovascular diseases or obesity. Moreover, participating in a sporting activity allows them to have fun, meet and make friends with other like-minded individuals.

  • Gardening

Gardening is an ideal way for people above 50 years to keep themselves busy outdoors and remain active. Initially, many of them might find it hard to pursue this hobby. However, it will not take long to become proficient in this pastime. Moreover, the satisfaction of planting a seed and watching it blossom into a beautiful plant can be a pleasant experience for them.

  • Solving jigsaw puzzles

Trying to solve an enjoyable old-fashion jigsaw puzzle is a good way for people over 50 years to utilize their spare time. They also get the opportunity to give their brains a thorough workout to prevent the occurrence of dementia. Most of them will find numerous puzzles for them to choose from when they visit their local toy store. They need to buy one which suits their interests and budget.

According to V Reddy Kancharla, people above or on the verge of becoming 50 years old should pursue a hobby. Engaging in this leisure activity helps them remain both mentally and physically active. By making good use of their spare time in taking up a hobby, they can reduce stress, depression, and dementia.

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