Top Reasons Why Your Internet Connection is Still Unstable

Your Internet Connection is Still Unstable


A problematic internet connection earns a top spot in the list of First World Problems. It is ironic that along with our dependency on the internet, our issues with the internet are also increasing. Be it during an online interview, an intense boxing live stream, catching up with friends, or as simple as watching a short video clip on YouTube, all of us have been the victim of a bad internet connection right when we need it most – truly an agony like no other.

However, this is not an unsolvable snafu. The nature of your disconnection may vary; you have to understand the cause behind your unstable internet connection, so you can finally do something about it by applying any of the following fixes:

DSL Modem Problem

If you are still living in the pre-historic era of Cabled and wired Modems, then your modem may be asking for retirement. Why wouldn’t it? It was released way before the latest internet speeds were introduced. Therefore, it may be asking for an upgrade. Subscribing to Spectrum gold package might earn you a latest piece of internet equipment that is designed to withstand heavy downloads and multiple users.

However, if you’re not planning to switch your existing modem, then make sure to follow this. Don’t coop it up in a far-off corner. Place it where it can get plenty of ventilation to avoid heating. Another solution is to restart the modem, so that it refreshes and you are back on the internet highway.


This is the most common internet device in homes and workplaces. Although their machinery is state of the art, they are still somewhat related to modems. Hence, you may incur the same problems. Your router may heat up or have internal malfunctions on a regular basis. The fix is simple: simply unplug the router, wait a few seconds, and plug it back in.

Make sure that the router has finished booting up before you connect your device again. Another way to make sure your router gives uninterrupted connectivity is by placing your router in an elevated and open space. A cornered router is as useless as a cardboard box. Don’t do that.


Sometimes, it’s better to leave it to the experts. Your internet service provider has a better understanding of all your internet issues. If you continue to face disconnection problems, your ISP can better diagnose the source and even configure your device if need be.

On the other hand, if you contact your ISP, they might let you in on any issues with the connectivity on their end. However, they would do this once they have checked for problems on your device.

Network Card Drivers

The hardware that manages the internet connection on your computer is the network card. If you have determined that there is no problem with your router or ISP, your next best guess should be the network card. The network, like any other hardware, has drivers installed on your computer.

Your disconnection might because of out of date or buggy driver. You can always access them in your directory and update or reinstall the drivers. Sometimes internet connectivity is dodgy because your driver doesn’t match the device you are using. Make sure to use the right ones.

Network Card Reseating

If you are using a PC, the network card is a removable piece of hardware. This means that there may be a chance that your network card has a loose connection to the PCI slot. Just make sure to turn off the PC and unplug it. Better yet, give the whole thing a nice blow to clean out any dust while you are at it. If all else fails, call your nearby IT store and get the network card replaced.

Corrupt Windows File

If your device is running on Windows, there is a possibility that your system files have gotten corrupted over time. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. They just happen for one reason or the other.

Some of these system files directly affect your internet connectivity and the PC’s ability to connect to a wired or wireless network. If you have identified an error in a system file, simply restore Windows to a previous point in time when the error didn’t exist. That should fix the connection instantly.

Windows Update

You might be wondering that your internet is unstable because your Windows needs an update. Actually, it is the other way around. People usually face internet connectivity issues immediately after installing a Windows update. That’s because the update is too new and there might be some bugs intervening between your device and internet connectivity.

On the other hand, your device may not support the software updates that came with the Windows update. In both cases, your best bet would be to restore Windows to its previous state and your internet should be up and running. However, if you want to keep your newly installed Windows, then wait until the release of the next update, which might resolve your internet connectivity issues.

Malware and Antivirus

Ironically, both malware and its deterrents can cause problems with your internet connectivity. Let us talk about malware and viruses first. It is quite simple, a virus in your system can easily disrupt your internet connection. It can even stop your internet connection entirely if left unattended. Therefore, you should promptly search for the source of a virus and eliminate it. Also, stay off the click baits next time you’re surfing the web.

Furthermore, the antivirus or malware software in your computer might be keeping your internet connection disrupted as well. A lot of antiviruses have unique measures of protection that restrict the use of the internet. To fix this issue, simply open the settings of your antivirus and disable the securities one by one to check if your internet connection is functioning better. When you have figured out the setting that’s causing the issue, see if you can disable it permanently without affecting your system’s security. If not, then switch to better antivirus software.

All Things Concluded

Don’t leave your unstable internet connection unattended. Whether it’s one of the aforementioned issues or even a smaller one, it’s always better to fix it right away. After all, an unstable internet connection is synonymous with having an unsafe internet connection.

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