Spectrum Internet for Streaming and Gaming: A Review

Spectrum Internet


Spectrum is a major ISP in the US specializing in making high-speed low-latency internet connections available at affordable rates. It’s also one of the largest Gig service providers, with its most basic plan reaching top speeds of 300 Mbps.

According to a survey, more online gamers use Spectrum than any other ISP. Spectrums’ low latency, high uptime, and reliable speeds place it among the most satisfactory service providers for streamers and gamers.

Spectrum Deals, Speeds, and Prices

There are three basic unbundled Spectrum deals you can choose from. Each of these has the same specs and benefits (discussed later in this article) but different top speeds. The following table shows a breakdown of Spectrum deals including upload/download speeds, prices, and the number of users each deal is recommended for.

Plan Download Speed Upload Speed Cost Per Month Recommended no of Users
Spectrum Standard 300 Mbps 10 $49.99 Up to 5
Spectrum Ultra 500 Mbps 20 $69.99 6 to 8
Spectrum GIG 1000 Mbps               35 $89.99 10+

Spectrum Standard has enough bandwidth to easily meet the needs of an average consumer. For homes with 4K home theaters, pro gamers, and smart home devices, Spectrum offers speeds up to 1000 Mbps at comparatively low rates.

Spectrum Internet Latency

Latency is just as important to gamers as speed, if not more. Low latency connections lower the delay while sending and receiving data to and from the server. This keeps online gamers closer in sync with the server, allowing them to respond quickly.

Spectrum has a state-of-the-art hybrid fiber-coaxial network to allow for reliable, low-latency connections. It’s based on the latest DOCSIS 3.1 standard which uses Active Queue Management to reduce delays. It also improves the network capacity by 50%, so you can expect low ping and high speeds even at peak usage time. Spectrum’s dedication to continually improving its network is probably why so many gamers choose Spectrum.

Spectrum Network Uptime

Network uptime measures the percentage of time an ISP server is available. A high uptime means you can expect the internet to be accessible most of the time. Losing the internet out of the blue is annoying for anyone, but losing the connection is particularly frustrating when you’re almost about to take a headshot, or are near the climax of a Marvel movie.

Spectrum has a network availability of 99.9%, it doesn’t get better than that for residential customers. This comes to only about 3.6 seconds of downtime on average per hour.

Spectrum Internet TV Combo

Spectrum TV is just as exciting and feature-rich as Spectrum Internet. The two services bundled together deliver more value.

With Spectrum TV, you get 125+ channels including CNN, HGTV, ESPN, and Discovery. You can also view channels available in HD in your area for free. Spectrum also has 85,000+ titles available to watch on demand. You can add the Entertainment View add-on to get 80+ additional popular channels and the Sports View add-on to get 20+ sports channels. HBO Max, Showtime, and STARZ add-ons are also available.

That’s not all, Spectrum TV app lets you watch TV and on-demand titles anytime, anywhere, on any device. You can lock individual channels with a PIN code or hide all content in appreciation for children. Visit BuyTVInternetPhone to see available Spectrum deals in your area.

Spectrum Advanced Wi-Fi Unlimited Mobile Line

Pro gamers typically connect their PCs directly to routers. This is because conventional WiFi routers can increase latency when multiple devices are connected.

WiFi 6 technology is bringing about a rise in wireless gaming. It uses improved MU-MIMO and OFDMAtechnologies to send more data and improve latency when connected to multiple devices. WiFi 6 has up to 75% improved latency compared to WiFi 5.

But WiFi 6 routers are expensive. A good router will cost you about $150 to $200 on Amazon. Spectrum adds its Advanced WiFi service to your plan for free for the promotional period. If you want to keep the service after 12 months, it’s just $5 per month. Spectrum Internet also comes with an unlimited mobile line free for a year. You can game or stream on your smartphone outside without a care in the world.

Spectrum Deals Availability

Spectrum Internet and TV service are available in suburban and urban areas throughout the US. GIG speeds are not available in all service areas but the most basic plan offered has a 300 Mbps download speed.

Click here to see which deals are available in your area.


Spectrum has high-bandwidth connections with top speeds ranging from 300 to 1000 Mbps. It has a high network availability of 99.9% and it ensures a low latency with a hybrid fiber-coaxial network based on DOCSIS 3.1 specifications. It also comes with a WiFi 6 router and an unlimited mobile line free for 12 months. Spectrum delivers everything gamers and streamers want at affordable rates and with additional benefits.

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