Ram V Chary Underlines a Few Key Principles of Logo Designing

Logo Designing


The key goal of a logo is to represent a brand to the audience, while also differentiating the company from the competitors. While the system of logo design might seem to be too complex at first, it definitely gets easier when people approach it with adequate knowledge, experience and a solid plan. People with a background in graphic design, like Ram V Chary, can proficiently design logos owing to their knowledge of logo design principles and components. Logo design choices of a company will make a huge big difference in helping them to communicate their message to the customer.

The whole idea of logos involves communicating the value and vision of a brand to the viewer. Logo design is largely focused on creating something that truly resonates with the target audience and is memorable. Here are a few logo design principles that one must follow to achieve a great logo that can stand the test of time:

Simplicity:  It is important for a logo to be as clear and visible as possible, while also conveying the brand philosophy and reflecting its aesthetics. Simplicity helps logos to stand up against the challenges of time, retain its fresh appeal, and makes it replicable and easy to work with. Wise choices in graphics, color options and typeface are imperative in this step. Rather than going for multiple overlapping shadings, images, fonts, and/or letters, just a few active elements must be chosen for the design.  Simplicity requires smart use of spacing, so that each of its elements stands out and speaks clearly to the audience.

Originality: All good logos call for a unique design concept. To create a good brand logo, artistry needs to meet great ideas, while maintaining a firm grasp on consumer design. A skilled and qualified graphic designer can adequately cater to these logo goals, and create something truly original.

Versatility: A brand logo usually adorns all the products of a company, its shop signage, digital ads and much more. Many company logos can be found on bumper stickers, t-shirts, coffee mugs, mobile covers and so on. Hence, it is imperative to think for the long term, and create logos that are versatile and adaptable enough to land anywhere.  A simple and easily recognizable logo can have a high degree of versatility. Creating a responsive logo that has different variations of size and complexity to adapt to varying spaces will also be a good move.

A company logo acts its face, and hence it should be created with a lot of thought and care. It is not always easy for any layman to gauge the intricacies associated with logo design. Proper education and experience in graphic design are needed to be competent in this profession. Ram V Chary, for example, graduated from Boston University with a degree in fine arts in graphic design. He currently designs marketing ads, magazines, business cards, and graphic art, aside from brand logos.

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