Meteoric rise in the Popularity of Custom Lip Balm Display Boxes

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In the winter season, dry skin is the most common problem. From dry scalp, arms, legs and face each and every part of the human body faces dryness. Lips also face the same condition. They get dry and chapped and thus can cause breaking of the skin. If left untreated, this can lead to many egregious complications. So, instead of letting things get further complicated, it is better to use a lip balm.

A lip balm is a moisturizer which keeps the lips moisturized and provides protection against dryness. Thus, it is one of the most used products in the world. It is used by both men and women; therefore, it is a unisex product. Lip balm is an essential product and its sale is in the millions if not thousands. Thus, it is one of the most sold products as well.

The reason behind the enormous number of sales of lip balm has to do with the packaging in which it comes. The question that arises here is: what has the packaging to do with the enormous number of sales? Well, the answer to that question is: it is the use of custom lip balm display boxes that make such an enormous number of sales possible.

As the world wants more personalization, the cosmetic industry is not immune to this and has increased efforts in making custom products. Customization is also done to the boxes in which these products are packed. Thus, along with the protection, it also bequeaths a style to a mundane product such as a lip balm.

These boxes, which are proving themselves to be the reason for such enormous sales, are made by box manufacturers. These box manufacturers design and as well make the boxes themselves. They are highly trained professionals, who know what kind of material to use to make a certain box. Thus, they are also experts in making custom boxes as well.

Contacting and hiring a box manufacturer

The internet has made it much easier to contact anyone. Similarly, box manufacturers are also easy to contact. They have set up websites and have also put their entire catalogue on them. This helps the customers to choose from the catalogue easily. Also, you can send them your own designs as well and get a free price quotation as well. This way, you will not only save time, instead of going to each and every box manufacturer individually but will also have a wide range of choices available to you. You can then choose any one which suits your budget and liking.

The materials, styles, designs and types of boxes which result in meteoric sales

Before hiring a box manufacturer, it is prudent to know about the materials, styles, designs and types of the boxes in which lip balms are packed and stored. This will help the retail store owner to use the boxes effectively in marketing the lip balms.

Materials used in making lip balm boxes

Most of the materials which are used in making lip balm display boxes are non-toxic and bio-degradable, thus the boxes are eco-friendly and do not cause any health hazards as well.

  1. Bux board
  2. Cardstock
  3. Eco-friendly Kraft
  4. E-flute corrugated

Styles of lip balm display boxes

These are the most common and famous lip balm display boxes which are used in industry. Here is a list of the following:

  1. Boxes with hanging and looking tabs
  2. Auto bottom tray
  3. Self-lock cake box
  4. Gable bag auto bottom with hanger
  5. Gable bag auto bottom
  6. Four corner with display
  7. Double wall tuck top boxes
  8. Paper briefcase
  9. Five-panel hanger
  10. Double-wall display lid
  11. Tucked end auto bottom
  12. Tuck end boxes
  13. Seal End boxes
  14. Reverse tuck end boxes
  15. 1-2-3 Bottom display lid


Some of the most common and famous designs, used by custom lip balm display boxes manufacturers, for lip balm boxes are as follows:

Custom window cutout design

The boxes which have this design have a window type cutout made in the center or on other places of the box. The reason why this is done is to provide the customer with a glimpse of the product.

Silver/Gold Foiled design

The boxes are foiled with silver or gold. This is done in order to increase the appeal of the boxes.

Embossed boxes

Embossing is a technique due to which words printed on a box looks raised. This happens because of the texture that is created due to this technique. This texture makes the words look raised.

Raised Ink boxes

Raised ink is a glossy and transparent material which, when heated, makes the word on the box look raised.

PVC sheet

These boxes have a PVC sheet cover on them. This is done in order to strengthen the box so that it can bear the transit strain.

Types of lip balm boxes

Some of the types of lip balm boxes that are commonly used are as follows:

Stick lip balm boxes

These boxes are used for stick lip balms. Stick lip balms have a container that is like a stick. It is the most commonly used lip balm. Its popularity is due to the ease with which one can carry it. it can be placed in a handbag or a purse and does not require any special arrangement to carry it. it is also popular because it can be applied easily.

Pot lip balm boxes

These boxes are used for lip balms that come in pots.Pot containers are round and it is difficult to apply the balm withouta using a brush or finger.

Cylinder lip balm boxes

These boxes are used to for lip balms that come in cylinder containers. Cylinder containers which are hardened come with a utensil brush for applying the balm.


Custom lip balm display boxes are very affordable and thus are very popular because of this. They are eco-friendly and are safe to use as well. Thus, all these attributes make them very popular among retail stores and online stores respectively.Gator Packaging is one of them.So, you can get your desired boxes according to your need and style at Gator Packaging.

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