How To Live Comfortably Out of a Van

Comfortably Out of a Van


Do you prefer the nomad life over living in one permanent location? If you do, you might be considering living out of a van. While living out of a van will require some changes in your lifestyle, you don’t have to worry that it will cause too many disruptions. Here are some ways you can live comfortably out of a van.

Join a Gym

Gym is an acronym for Gymnasium. Literally, the gym can be interpreted as a place or location to do exercise and sports activities such as gymnastics, athletics, and/or cardio services.But now the gym has undergone a ‘shift in meaning’ so that it is more synonymous with a fitness training center to perform various activities and exercises such as lifting weights, gymnastics, cardio training, and also other sports activities.In general, when you enter the gym you will be treated to various types of fitness equipment that can be used to support your exercise program as well as your sport. In general, the more complete the exercise equipment you have, the better the gym will be for training.Besides just the obvious positive impacts going to a gym will make on your health, it’s also where you can shower. You could rent a hotel room to bathe, but you don’t need a place to stay because you already have your van. Not to mention, paying your monthly gym membership fees is much cheaper than one night’s hotel costs. When choosing which gym to sign up with, look for a large gym with locations all over the country. That way, you’ll always have a place to shower, no matter where your adventures take you.

Find Places to Sleep

Finding a place to sleep at night is one of the biggest issues when living in a van. You can’t just pull up in front of someone’s home and park on the street. You could try to sleep in empty parking lots North Augusta SC, but many have security guards who patrol at night and will send you on your way.

Instead, call local RV parks and campgrounds and see if they have space for you. If you have the time, you could also consider heading out of town and parking on public land out in the middle of nowhere.

Find a Hobby

While meandering across the United States and taking in all the different sites is fun, you’ll likely eventually get bored with it. To help avoid that, you should find different hobbies to do. For example, you could go to different mountains to ski or fish at various lakes across the country. When you have a specific goal to keep you interested, you’ll find that you enjoy yourself more.

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