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How To Create a Guest Suite Your Visitors Will Love

Egyptian cotton Scottsdale Arizona


Do you love when your friends and family come to visit? If your loved ones often have to sleep on the couch or a blow-up mattress when they visit, you probably want to give them a better place to stay. Here are some ways you can create an excellent space for your guests.

1. Purchase Good Bedding

If you don’t have a comfortable bed for your guests to sleep on, you’ll likely find that they don’t return. Because you want to continually have them come for visits, you want to give them high-quality bedding that they never want to leave.

When the mattress in the room isn’t very soft, consider adding a memory foam mattress topper. Additionally, you should think about getting an Egyptian cotton Scottsdale Arizona sheet set. Egyptian cotton is softer and stronger than traditional cotton, so it won’t wear out as quickly as other lower-quality sheet sets will.

2. Add a Mini Fridge

Your guests likely aren’t going to want to go down to the kitchen in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. Because of that, you should think about adding a mini fridge to the room. You can stock it with a variety of beverages that you know they’ll love, and they’ll be extremely grateful that you went the extra mile for them.

3. Create A Spa Experience

Sometimes, your guest might want to get away and have some relaxing time for themselves. When you stock their bathroom with relaxing bath bombs and soothing lotions, they’ll be excited to lay in the bathtub and catch up on their favorite book.

If you only have a shower in your guest bathroom, then perhaps have an assortment of shower steamers available for your guests to choose from. They simply put the steamer on the floor of the shower, and then the heat of the water activates it, creating a relaxing spa-like environment.

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