Best Concealed Carry Options for New Gun Owners

Best Concealed Carry Options for New Gun Owners


Now more than ever, people are choosing to carry concealed weapons. If you are new to carrying concealed or are a new gun owner, you might be confused by the myriad of available options. Here are some of the best concealed carry options for new gun owners.

Clothing Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holsters are one of the most recognizable forms of concealment. It is also a favorite among police agencies. A modern take on the shoulder holster is a shirt that serves as a holster. You can find concealed carry clothing for law enforcement Nashville TN and many other places around the country.

Belly Bands

A belly band is a simple wristband that contains a holster. These are great for new gun owners because they keep the gun secure and safe inside your waistband. Around the waist is one of the easier places to draw from, and belly bands can be adjusted to fit either left or right-handed people. You can wear it under a thick shirt or jacket.

Gun Belts

Gun belts are another excellent option. They make good holsters for new gun owners because they are easy to wear and easy to practice drawing.The best gun belts do this through the use of superior materials, innovative designs, and robust quality control. We’ve compiled a list of our top picks in the various categories covered under the common moniker “gun belt.” It moves past the more traditional nylon belt arrangement with attached pockets and features design cues taken from the outdoor duty belts worn by many in law enforcement. Typically, these products are manufactured in the United States by top companies, are suitable for military use, and have been thoroughly tested by Task & Purpose and our trusted experts.

Covering up can be a problem in hotter climates if you carry on your body rather than in a bag. You will have to wear either an un tucked shirt or a jacket over the gun belt to cover the firearm.

Other Options

There are many other options available such as:

  • Jeggings with a holster built-in
  • Tights with a holster built-in
  • Thigh carry holsters
  • Vests with holsters
  • Bags and cases designed for concealed carry
  • Underclothing with pockets for firearms

You can find concealed carry clothing and holsters to fit every situation and lifestyle.

The point of a concealed holster is to keep your gun concealed and accessible. Ultimately, as a new gun owner, you should choose the holster option that is most comfortable for you.

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