5 Sure Fire tips to Study for a Spelling Test

5 Sure Fire tips to Study for a Spelling Test


Most of us fluently speak a number of new words in our daily life but less do we know how to spell them. Well memorizing words can be easy but remembering their spellings is a hard nut to crack,

Think if someday someone asks you to write a letter for them or to note something they are dictating and after you complete they find a number of spelling blunders in your writing? Man that would be embarrassing right? But worry less because spell quiz got your back by offering some great ways for you to study for a spelling test which can get you out of that spelling test nightmare in a brisk. 

Spell quiz has a number of creative and fun activities that can ensure your score in a spelling test and support you to level up your vocabulary in the most easiest way.

Now if you want to brace yourself for those grade 10 spelling words, then review these fire tips mentioned below.

Write your word with uppercase letters

You might have seen that when people want to highlight something or some words in a text or article / blog they use uppercase letters because they help in bringing more focus towards that specific piece of text. 

Same strategy can be used to prepare for a spelling test by writing your spelling words in bold uppercase letters which will help to draw your attention to each and every letter of that word and you can easily memorize its spelling in just a few tries.

 Write a rhyming word with your every spelling word

Have you ever noticed that rhymes are way too easy to memorize? We see little kids who do not even know how to speak proper words, very efficiently memorize nursery rhymes. That is because rhymes have a rhythmic pattern and the brain tends to catch rhymes in a much better way than a boring context.

So if you are aiming to study the spelling for grade 10, effectively use this trick by writing a rhyming word with each of your spelling words to help you get the letters in the word more effectivley.

Identify the tricky bit and write it in a different colour

20 to 30 % of english words have silent letters in them eg: KNIFE which can be a hurdle if you are someone who picks up spellings by just listening to them. But there is a quick fix for that too.

Well the trick to learn such kinds of words is to spot out the tricky bit or silent letters in a word and write them down with a vibrant colour.

The vibrant colour will help you to draw more focus towards the tricky bit and you can easily learn the proper spelling in a couple of tries.

Picture down your spelling word

Another fun way to study for a spelling test is by drawing a picture with your spelling words. Now what i meant from drawing a picture is to create a pictorial of that word by placing word letters instead of lines and curves.

It is a creative way to learn your spellings words with minimal brain work you can start by making an outline of a picture and then go with placing letters on those lines.

Word search in a word

I remember playing this game in my class and it was one of the most interesting games I’ve ever played as it was fun and also a great method to learn long tricky words.

There are few rules like you can not use a letter in a word more than the times it is repeated in the original word and the one who finds out more words within one minute will win the game so you have to be quick.

You can play this game with any of your friends or family members. Start by picking a long tricky spelling word from your spelling word list and write it on top of the paper, then start the timer and see how many words you can find within that word in a minute.

To ramp up your vocabulary as well as to score high in a future spelling test, use the strategies listed above.

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